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All those black streaks you notice on your roof aren’t what you might think. It’s a build-up of algae which can easily be cleaned with our roof washing service, and a roof replacement won’t be necessary. Moisture, humidity, and rain are the main reasons why your roof is flooded with the rapid growth of algae. In addition to making your roof look very unattractive, these streaks are actually eating away at your roof. If you ignore these pesky invaders and allow the algae to continue to accumulate, they can affect the life-span of your roof, significantly shortening it. With our Roof Cleaning In Reno NV, we will get rid of all algae and stains from your roof, and instantly increases the curb appeal of your property. If you neglect roof cleaning, over time, serious damage to the roof, water leaks, and destruction of structural parts of your home can occur.

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Although asphalt shingle roofs are beautiful, they require special attention. Grit on your shingles can be easily blasted off if there is to much pressure applied. Because of that, we always use a soft washing technique to preserve your shingles. We guarantee that your roof will look great again! Asphalt shingle roofs have many different benefits, and they are versatile by design. But moss growth on it is inevitable, so you will need a professional service to clean it and expand its lifespan.
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Asphalt Roof Cleaning

Tile Roof Cleaning

Utilizing the low-pressure technique, our Roof Cleaning Reno NV team is able to safely clean your tile roof without walking on it and risking damage. We perform soft washing to clean your tile roof to perfection. If some part of the roof requires more equipment, we will access it safely with our ladders or man lift in order to not damage your roof tiles. Our technicians will maintain the integrity of your roof and still provide long-lasting and clean results.
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Although concrete is the most water-resistant and durable type of roof, this does not mean that it does not need deep cleaning. The concrete roof is stylish, classy, and beautiful, but like any other roof, is subject to moss and various stains, which will require special cleaning and the use of a soft washing method. Roof Cleaning in Reno NV will wash your concrete roof flawlessly and restore the old shine it once had.
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Concrete Roof Cleaning

Dangers of roof cleaning in Reno NV

In order for roof cleaning to be done efficiently and safely, proper equipment, technique, and of course, experience, are required. If washing is done with high pressure, it can lead to damage to the roof. For example, broken tiles, and much more that can leave irreparable damage which will cost you a real fortune. Other companies may risk the integrity of your roof with improper pressure washing, but we use a specialized technique called soft washing. The technicians from our Reno NV Roof Cleaning team have the knowledge and the latest equipment to clean your roof efficiently and safely. After our service, your roof will be like when it was new. Improve the overall appearance of your property with our roof cleaning service!

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All of our Roof Cleaning Reno NV technicians are bonded, insured, and experienced. You can be sure when you hire our services you'll be able to invest more of your time in your daily activities knowing that you have left the job to real professionals. You won't have to lift a finger! We will invest all our resources and hard work to exceed all your expectations. For years, we have been working with many clients who always come back to us when they need roof cleaning and any of the other home services we offer. Our workers will make sure to bring back the former shine to your roof. Our service will not only make your roof look clean and beautiful, but will also prolong its life. If you have any questions, feel free to call, and we will be happy to meet your needs

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Reno Roof Cleaning FAQs

Although pressure washing is great for washing certain surfaces, using too much pressure for roof cleaning can lead to granules loosened on shingles, making these tiles become brittle and thin. High pressure can even blow shingles off your roof. All of these can lead to huge consequences and high-cost repairs. A professional pressure washing contractor will know the exact amount of detergent and pressure needed for surfaces to clean them without the slightest damage. Avoid companies that offer you any use of high-pressure roof cleaning. Using high pressure is definitely the worst choice for your roof cleaning, and it can shorten roof life expectancy.

Although it is an excellent question, unfortunately, there is no straight answer. How often you need to clean your roof depends on several factors that affect the roof condition. New tiles will need a first cleaning at about 5 years. Asphalt shingles are more fragile, so they require more cleaning attention to avoid algae build up weakening the roof. As for where we live here in Reno, we have a lot of falling leaves from lush trees as well as heavy rainfall which helps algae to grow much more. We recommend washing your roof at least once every few years to ensure maximum protection for your roof.

To perform efficient and safe roof cleaning, we use the latest equipment and a special technique that is also known as the soft washing method. This way, not the slightest damage will happen to your roof, and at the same time, everything that has accumulated on it, such as algae, stains, dirt, etc., will be completely removed. Not only will your roof look like new, but the reappearance of these hazardous elements will be slowed down. From special equipment, to safe access ladders, to soft washing and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we ensure complete safety to your family and pets.

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