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Keeping your solar panels free of dust, debris and bird droppings will increase the efficiency of your solar energy system. Studies have found that in areas of high wind, near highways, factories, agricultural fields or high bird populations, cleaning solar panels has increased efficiency up to 30% Rainwater alone is not sufficient to clean your solar panels. It does not provide enough pressure to remove debris, can create more streaks, and turn dirt to mud. Your panels are particularly vulnerable if they are horizontal rather than tilted. The benefits of a professional cleaning every six months or a year, will insure optimal energy generation, lowered monthly bills and will help maintain the warranty. Many manufacturers will not honor a warranty without proof of professional maintenance. Your solar panels are a major investment, so treat them well.

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Squeaky Clean is one of the most experienced solar panel cleaning companies in Nevada. Our cleaning equipment is state of the art. Our fully trained and insured team will do the job right. Call to set up a quote today.

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